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Quick look into stats: Releaselog is growing!

I’m a kind of person who needs to have everything sorted and cleared. This doesn’t include things in real life too much, but in this virtual one, I always enjoy watching stats of visitors, growth or drop in pageviews and linking sites. I’ve been browsing some logs from server and checking daily impressions, when I decided to make few Excel graphs to check out how it’s going. And it was good idea – it’s now confirmed, that this website gets more and more attention every month. The first graph shows monthly unique visitors – and as you can see, there’s a constant positive progress. My long-term plan is to achieve a stable audience of cca 10 000 people a day, but it will be still a long and hard run – we are now at something like 4 000 uniques. Anyway, with daily updates of new articles, this doesn’t have to be impossible. I’d be also happy to welcome one more author, as Matej does really great job and it’s always easier to keep the site updated in 2 people.


The another graph shows hours of day and amount of visitors. It’s no surprise that the majority of visitors comes at the evening of european time – kids, girlfriends and wives are sleeping so we can finally enjoy a bit of fun or privacy on the internet. Countries of origin are very rich, with US, UK, Canada and Sweden on the top, so there’s certain level of traffic during whole day, because of different timezones. This is also important, you can always check new comments no matter the time when you visit this site.


The final graph would show the portion of traffic in different days. Anyway, it’s pretty boring graph so I’ll just describe it – there’s no surprise in it again, the most of visitors comes here during weekend. Sunday is no #1 day, followed by Saturday and Monday. The traffic is little lower during business days, everyone is pretending hard work, and there’s no time to read some stuff because of infinite poker / solitaire challenges :) Thanks for your time spent here !


Feel free to post your Quick look into stats: Releaselog is growing! torrent, subtitles, samples, free download, quality, NFO, rapidshare, depositfiles, uploaded.net, rapidgator, filefactory, netload, crack, serial, keygen, requirements or whatever-related comments here. Don't be rude (permban), use only English, don't go offtopic and read FAQ before asking a question. Owners of this website aren't responsible for content of comments.
  1. Awesom-O
    July 25th, 2006 | 23:01

    No surprise here.. RlsLog is the one and only for me. I do visit demonoid and mininova but they don’t have shit on rlslog.

  2. Yurg
    July 25th, 2006 | 23:21

    yeh it’s a great site, good work martin and matej.

    i only worry because every torrent/warez site that has ever got too big has been closed (sharereactor, shareconnector, audiogalaxy etc etc etc)…

  3. smurfstah
    July 25th, 2006 | 23:25

    nothing comes close to rlslog :D awesome work! havent been many scene rls sites on the web..

  4. July 26th, 2006 | 00:44

    I think RlsLog and NTi gain their uniqueness due to the well done orgnization and the up to the minute work.


  5. Kat
    July 26th, 2006 | 03:34

    4000 unique visitors a day and only a handfull comment? Actually that’s probably a good thing because the comments get messy when there are more then 15 comments… Imagine 4000… RLSLog also needs an account system or a forum of some kind, would be nice for help and support but also for discussion on upcoming releases and stuff. Keep up the good work Martin and thanks for listening to the commenters every now and then! ;-)

  6. Craig
    July 26th, 2006 | 05:03

    Yeah thanks Martin and matej, great site, every post is so interesting whether it be a release, or the general I.T news.

  7. ddady
    July 26th, 2006 | 06:06

    Great job Martin

    Keep on the good work

  8. cobra
    July 26th, 2006 | 07:16

    great site bud, best of luck in the future.. (like you need it, lol)..

    keep it going bud.

  9. V
    July 26th, 2006 | 09:59

    Keep up the good work guys! I enjoy coming here, friendly staff and user-friendly website. This place usually best place for torrents, no fakes and only scene. Hands down, you earn respect for your hard work, please keep it up!

  10. Chippxero
    July 26th, 2006 | 10:52

    You can’t beat a nice graph.

    Glad to see just how busy this place really is, you’ve done a fantastic job and i often find myself mentioning news on here to other forums.

  11. michael
    July 26th, 2006 | 10:55

    I have a remark:
    people who make use of the Rss feeds only (like me) are not included in the unique visitors list.

  12. July 26th, 2006 | 12:19

    2 michael: good point, so we are even bigger ;)

    2 Kat: yeah, if there is somehow more comments like in case of Tokyo Drift soundtrack, it becomes a bit messy, but there’s not much you can do about it. I was trying paged comments with for example 40 comments a page, but it doesnt help a lot, the page only doesn’t load so long.

    About forum, I don’t think there’s need for a new forum, you can always visit NewTorrents.info forums and talk about new releases or ask for help there.

  13. zoo
    July 26th, 2006 | 15:47

    Rlslog is an awesome site man, thanks for keeping up the great job / hard work! it’s awesome to have a site that keeps on top of new releases (because it’s easy to miss the good releases with all the crap that comes out), and the partnership with NewTorrents is just the icing on the cake (a solid torrent community with members eager to jump on new releases).

    Thanks again!

  14. a3
    July 26th, 2006 | 16:31

    really nice site indeed

    found it by accident on newtorrents and check it at least twice a day

    really informative and giving just that little extra

    thumbs up

  15. aMiDe
    July 26th, 2006 | 22:30

    This site is the best!

  16. July 27th, 2006 | 00:14

    well done matey…
    I even chat to guys in work about rlslpg and nti…
    usually they only know the shit sites …torrentreactor pmsl..
    but great work guys..stay proud!!!

  17. phishybongwaters
    July 27th, 2006 | 13:33

    Kickass, it’s nice to see great sites like NTi and Rlslog to grow as they are.

    I would have given up completely on torrents until i stumbled into newtorrents. Newtorrents is a great outline to how the torrent community NEEDS to work.

    And now with rlslog it’s like a dream. The only thing I could think of to help it grow would be converting all isonews / vcdquality / nforce users to rlslog.

    I stopped using those sites ages ago when they became nothing but a competition to see who’s name and fake release review makes it on the first page.

    Rlslog allows me to come, get an honest rundown on whatever release is out, from people i trust, and get some usefull info on the release itself, sometimes better info than what’s in the releases .nfo

    Keep it up and know there is a large and growing community behind you, most of us willing to help in whatever ways we can, be it word of mouth (i’m sure i’ve added a few hundred unique ips to your logs due to that) or just helping out seeding or in the forums.

    Keep it up and keep us informed, it helps to bring that community atmosphere around, which is what draws alot of people in, and keeps them there.

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