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Bram Cohen: DRM sucks!

The well known founder of whole BitTorrent technology Bram Cohen is now working for a company with the very same name, BitTorrent. He’s considered a real hero, becoming a well known person from a poor student not so long ago. His product simply overtook the whole internet and torrents account for more than 50% of all internet traffic. He decided to comment a current situation of DRM protection now and I wouldn’t wonder if he introduced some new technology again: “We are using Windows DRM because it is the only solution that has been vetted widely, but we are not happy with how it affects playback.” Digital rights management (DRM) software and the implementation of it in Microsoft Windows specifically are slowing the shift of video to Internet, that’s what he thinks.

“We are using Windows DRM because it is the only solution that has been vetted widely, but we are not happy with how it affects playback from a technology point of viewit sometimes makes playback not work,” said Cohen in a talk at the VON conference in San Jose. Nevertheless, Cohen expressed confidence the Internet will become the primary source for video in the future. “What’s ultimately going to happen is the whole medium of broadcasting will go away and be replaced by IP so people can get what they want when they want it,” he said. However, several other panelists said it is unrealistic to expect the Internet will steer clear of future restrictions in areas such as universal services and government access.” We can no longer operate under the myth that the Internet is unregulated,” said Robert Pepper, a senior manager of technology policy for Cisco Systems, speaking in the morning panel. Well, I think the internet world isn’t that regulated if you know a bit about it. :)


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  1. Tummy
    March 21st, 2007 | 16:56

    => “Because we don’t trust ANYONE…Not even the legitimate paying customers!”
    => “Its not really about the piracy, we just want CONTROL! Control is PROFIT! Bwahahahahaha!”

    Have you noticed that Steve Jobs (Apple), Bill Gates (MS), and Bram Cohen (BitTorrent) publically say they aren’t for DRM, and yet ALL THREE companies use it!

    You know what I think of all three? Sell-outs and hypocrites.
    => “We use it, but we’re publically against it.”

    If you’re against DRM, what does it say when you still use such implementations?

  2. crimson
    March 21st, 2007 | 17:05

    We can no longer operate under the myth that the Internet is unregulated,”

    yea … right .. :)

  3. phishybongwaters
    March 21st, 2007 | 17:44

    Do a little light reading at eff.org and you will see the days of unregulated internet are nearly over.

    A woman was convicted of murder with the help of google search logs. The fbi can hack your system, without a warrant, and never have to tell you they did it.

    They are right now wokring out the kinks in a new internet, not internet 2.0 mind you, a whole new from scratch internet. Cisco and all the big computer players are working on it, no good can come from this.

    Obviously there will always be places on the internet where the lines are grey, but they are actively making it harder to find those places.

    Laugh it up and be complacent, see who wins then.

  4. March 21st, 2007 | 17:54

    Tummy hit the bulls-eye. Control means profit.
    Picture the equation. The vehicle that can “deliver” content with use this DRM to protect the stream. Forget the concept of actually creating, control the stream. Don’t get so naive too think the governmental powers are not watching this. Remember they created Toll-booths after the infrastructure was created.

  5. lvlontheinside
    March 21st, 2007 | 19:19

    To the hippy scared of the man so to speak. The internet will never be truely “regulated” as it’s simply the transfer of data. The advancements on the internet aren’t changes with the internet since it came around but merely the software and hardware to power what it already is, data transfer.

    To truly regulate the internet by replaces the current internet with a “new” one, would require it to NOT be backwards compatible would simply mean putting new limitations on what the internet already is at the point of source such as the ISP or on the OS itself. Doubtful it’d ever be done to an OS as users would destroy it and every other OS would gain users. But even at the point of limiting the ISP, if they do not limit the speed, users will find a way around it as always.

    And if they limit what is put on the internet as far as a website goes, they’ll find themselves not being able to stop it. Only stop the average or below average people, be it mental ability or their ability with a computer.

    So what’s left for them to change? Mainly how users are monitored, allowing them to monitor everything you do and ensuring everyone has a static IP, and so on so forth. Nothing that changes the internet for us but merely makes it easier for them to crack down on people.

    And what do we learn from all of this? 3 things.

    One, the internet is simply what anything on a computer is, data. There will be no new internet ever. Only new implications of software and/or hardware on either end as the future becomes the past. Be it user made or provider/government made. If they changed the internet, it’d be something different entirely and no longer be the internet.

    Two, the American government and based organizations that would have you think they have that ability aren’t the ones who are the internet nor who runs the nation. The American public runs that nation even if most of them don’t care enough to make any effort to vote (like me). But I assure you, IF they can “regulate” the internet and i am wrong, all it would take is one person to run for president the following year with only one thing in mind. Bring back the old internet and tell the big companies to blow it out their ass. I can assure you, he would be elected, most of all if people had to deal with more than 1 month of “regulated” internet. That is all it would take and it would come back. And if you’re wondering who would be crazy enough to run on that phrase, I would. So rest assured, it’ll stay as it is else simply be stuff you never notice until you’re stupid enough to murder someone and have to google how to do it. And if ya have to google to find out how to kill someone….you’d of gotten caught regardless so who cares?

    And three, this John Feeney guy needs to redo his website he has linked. I seen more skillfully done websites in the 90′s when all anyone had was notepad and html codes. Hell the pictures even look like they’re from the 90′s. Quality dvds are not represented by crap pictures of them. Nor with a color scheme that looks like it was made for seniors with failing vision. Update that stuff John. Not trying to be mean, just trying to help your business look more professional. Martin, could you please post a log release to dream weaver or such for this guy? Thanks.

    And that’s all kiddies. If you’re wondering why I make no mention to DRM and why others probably won’t randomly, it’s because this news is so old the only worthy reason to post about it was to see the whining that would progress through comments. Not only that it isn’t about DRM, it’s merely about control as everyone says. And the better your control works and is accepted, the more ya earn cause people don’t notice how annoying it truly is. But enough about Microsoft, I’m done ranting. Later.

  6. phishybongwaters
    March 21st, 2007 | 19:57

    @ lvlontheinside your argument is fundamentally flawed.

    You make some good points. Too bad you are spending more time trying to sound smart than you are actually researching the topics of which you speak.

    They ARE making internet 2.0 you’d have to be a retarded monkey living in a closet not to know that. Aswell like I mentioned, Cisco and just about every other big player when it comes to networking and computer technology, are currently drawing up plans for recreating the internet from scratch. It has to do with creating better backbones and restructuring the internet for the uses it’s actually being used for. Let us not forget the internet was developed by and for the army.

    Did you know that alot of big ISPs are setting up a system of speed levels. Unwanted content (p2p) gets shit speeds while companies and other LEGAL activities get higher speed links. Couple that with traffic shapping at the ISP level and packet filtering and you’ve just about removed all p2p traffic, or seriously reduced it.

    For people like me, old enuff to remember waiting hours downloading PKZIP files of warez from 2400 baud modems over a BBS, this will not stop ir hinder my efforts one bit.

    Yes it is impossible to regulate the internet as it stands now. But incase you haven’t noticed, things are changing.

    And if you think for a second the internet is controlled by any government you are an idiot. 4 telco’s “own” the backbones and root hint servers that make the internet work. Yes they have made public access to this network a staple of everyday life, but that doesn’t meant he internet belongs to us. If they decide to shut it down tomorrow there’s not much we can really do about it.

    The technology belongs to them and they CAN AND WILL decide where to take it. Obviously no company in their right mind would do something 99% of their customers would hate so don’t start building a bunker just yet.

    The internet is NOT data, this statement alone shows your level of knowledge. The internet is the NETWORK of servers and links that ALLOW data to move. The data belongs to us, the network belongs to them.

    If you break into your friends house and leave your keys there, they are still your keys, but because your keys are in his house does that make the house his?


    Sure we’d all love to live in a world of just laws and freedoms, but we don’t, simple as that. The sooner you come to understand that basically a handfull of companies own the internet, the quicker you can formulate a reasonable opinion.

    So riddle me this. If the US government has the power to force big private companies to let us continue to use THEIR network unregulated, how come they can’t make them pay their taxes?

  7. March 21st, 2007 | 23:34

    Martin: Have a credible source where he said that? I need it for something :)

  8. March 22nd, 2007 | 02:22

    @ lvlontheinside

    you serioulsy believe that the American people run their nation ! lol what a moron!

    and you got seriously owned by phishybongwaters . And long winded write-ups are annoying.

  9. WNA
    March 22nd, 2007 | 04:51


    “For people like me, old enuff to remember waiting hours downloading PKZIP files of warez from 2400 baud modems over a BBS, this will not stop ir hinder my efforts one bit.”

    Indeed. And god forbid if you had to download something as large as, say, 2 MB (!), it was an overnight deal. Compared to 15-18 years ago, our hardware and software today are practically like voodoo magic.

  10. SyntaxError
    March 22nd, 2007 | 07:40

    I say let them change the internet to something they think they can control better. When that happens, ISPs will start closing their doors because alot of people will simply refuse to pay for net access only to be limited and controlled.

    Will it stop piracy? Hell no. It will just slow it down a bit. Piracy will simply go back to the way it used to be. Private and public dial-up BBSs and trading warez in person, face to face with a friend.

    They can’t control or regulate that.

  11. tubml2
    March 22nd, 2007 | 12:47


    Give it up dude, the more you post, the more you irritate others.

  12. BIG K
    March 23rd, 2007 | 00:29




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